Lithium iodate single crystal is a kind of nonlinear crystal with early industrial application. It has large nonlinear coefficient, radiation damage resistance and wide light transmission range. It can be used as a medium for generating second harmonic and parametric oscillation in laser technology. It can be used as a second, triple frequency and mixing frequency for medium and low power lasers. It can also be used to manufacture narrow pulse and wideband ultrasonic transducers with broad application prospects in the aerospace, chamical, metallurgical and petroleum industries.


-   The mass production of LilO3 crystal

-   Attractive discounts for OEM customers

-   Different shapes (slabs, cylinders, Brewster ends) are available

-   Standard open ring holders

-   Re-coating and re-polishing service

-   AR. BBAR and P-coatings according to customer's choice

-   P-coatings optimized at pump wavelengths

-   BBAR coatings for wavelength tuned Ti: Sapphire and other lasers


Flatnessλ/8 @633nm
Parallelism≤20 arcsec
Wavefront Distortionλ/8 @633nm
Surface Quality10-5
Perpendicularity≤5 arcmin
Angle tolerance°≤ 土 0.25°
Dimension tolerance±0.1mm
Clear Aperture90% of central area
Chamfer≤0.2mm x 45°


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