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Jinan Crystrong Photonics Technology Co., Ltd.

Was established in 2012. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on crystal growth, processing, research and development, and production of high-end photonics devices. The company has a factory area of more than 6000 m2 and has the largest DKDP crystal growth base in Asia. Its products serve important companies in the global application laser field. Crystrong is committed to becoming a globally influential supplier of laser products and services.

A Globally Influential Supplier of

Laser Products and Services

Technical Services

Crystrong Photonics provides customers with 5 categories of products: crystal components, optical components, polarized optical components, fiber optical components, and optical coatings, as well as various optical system design and development services.

Crystal Components

Nonlinear crystals, laser crystals, passive Q-switched crystals, electro-optical crystals, birefringent crystals

Optical Components

Pockels Cells, Lenses, Windows, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Prisms, Filters

Polarizing Optical Components

Waveplates, Polarizers, Depolarizers, Brewster Windows, Quartz Optical Rotators, Optical Isolators, Polarizing Components

Fiber Optics

Fiber Patch Cables, Fiber Collimators

Optical Coating

AR Coating, Partial Reflection Coating, High Reflective Coating, Polarizing Beamsplitter, Depolarizing Beamsplitter, Filter coating

Optical Design

Optical path design simulation, optical coating design, mechanical assembly design