PPLN Crystal

Key Features

-   Available wavelength from Visible to MIR

-   Available for SHG/SFG/DFG nonlinear frequency conversion

-   Uniform periodically poled structure

-   Precision end polishing and coating

-   High damage threshold

Product Introduction

Periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) is a highly efficient crystal for nonlinear wavelength conversion processes, which has a wide light transmission range and covers the NIR and MIR spectral regions, PPLN is used for SHG、SFG、OPO, and other nonlinear processes from Visible to MIR. In order to meet the requirements of modern optics for diverse laser wavelengths. the output of any wavelength in the transmittance range can be realized through the design of periodic structure. PPLN crystals have been widely used in laser display, environmental detection, mid-infrared spectroscopy, all-optical wavelength conversion, optical sensing and other fields. The optical damage threshold and photorefractive threshold of the crystal can be greatly improved by MgO doping, while maintaining high nonlinear coefficient. Compared with PPLN of the same composition, MgO:PPLN crystal can work more stably at lower temperature and visible light range.


-   Laser Display

-   MIR Spectroscopy

-   All-optical Wavelength Conversion

-   Optical Sensing

-   Scientific Research And Medicine

-   Environmental Monitoring


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