Crystrong Photonics in Munich-Shanghai Optical Expo 2021

Jinan Crystrong Photonics Technology Co., Ltd., as the main exhibitor of Munich-Shanghai Optical Expo, was led by Chairman Yang Shutong and GM Geng Deqiang, R&D engineers and sales engineers collectively appeared in the W5.5126 optics and optical manufacturing exhibition area, which won wide attention from the organizers, exhibitors and all sectors of society.

The exhibition site introduced the important achievements of crystal growth and laser device packaging, laser research and development, laser equipment, and other fields of Crystrong Photonics through novel enterprise album, high-quality crystal exhibition, flagship product exhibition, etc., and focused on the current popular LN, BBO crystal and "mysterious new products", which caused many professional visitors to stop for consultation and negotiation; At the same time, actively discussed the application prospect of the photoelectric industry with peers.
Crystrong Photonics