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Product Details

Polarizer is a device which selectively allows the passage of only certain orientations of plane polarized light.

specializes in the manufacture of Optical Lens, Optics, Coating and Optical Design Service. Our in-depth knowledge and experience as well as excellent service enable us to provide the professional support for the commercial and marketplace refer to laser, medicine, semiconductor and telecommunication application areas. There are some classic processing equipment &testing instruments to assure the quality.

The Optical lens series

Optical lens mainly includes all kinds of zoom lens, a collimating beam expander lens and telecentric lens. Mainly used in light electric instruments, medical equipment, financial equipment, teaching equipment, semiconductor, optical coating, include high film, beam splitters, metal film, etc.

Optical element series

The main products include various kinds of optical glass, optical crystal and melt quartz material of spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, optical prism, mirror, filter, etc.

Crystrong can provide coating

The specifications of the polarizer we provide: