Optical Windows

Product Details

      The optical window sheet is an optical glass sheet which is ground and polished to form two surfaces parallel to each other. They are used as protective elements when used between the two environments, however they have little effect on the visible light passing through. Commonly used coatings include anti-reflection coating (AR) and anti-scratch film (AS). They can also improve the effect according to customer needs. They can be waterproof, dustproof and scratch-resistant, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

      The anti-reflection (AR) filter is designed to reduce light reflection and increase penetration. As long as you want to enhance the penetration of light, it has its existence. Since various sheets are widely used for surface protection in front of the screen of the display system, the surface has a reflectance of about 10%, which forms an environmental reflection phenomenon, and the display level of the entire system is lowered. The company offers a variety of anti-reflective plastic sheets, the reflectivity dropped from 10% to 1%, is the ideal choice for the display protection window, optical window. The AR film is sometimes used on an optical window together with a dustproof waterproof film or a water-repellent film.