λ/8 at 633nm


≤20 arcsec

Wavefront Distortion

λ/8 at 633nm

Surface Quality


Angle tolerance

≤± 0.25°

Dimension tolerance

± 0.1mm

Damage Threshold

1GW/cm² 1064nm 10ns 10Hz for DKDP

Product Details

Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate is a member of the KDP family and has been widely used as a large-sized crystal in people's production practice for a long time. Because of its many special functions such as laser frequency doubling effect,electro-optic effect, piezoelectric effect, etc., the application of glasses for ADP crystals has been concerned.


l  High performance nonlinear optical crystal

l  High efficiency laser frequency doubling effect

l  X-ray spectroscopic effect

l  Photoelectric effect

l  Piezoelectric effect

l  Easy to grow into large size crystals

l  Easy to grow into large size high quality crystals


l  Making optical components

l  Frequency generator on the laser

l  Q switch