DKDP Pockels cells



Clear Aperture


Extinction Ratio


Wave front distortion

<λ/4 @633nm

Optical damage threshold

>700 MW/cm²

Wavelength range


Insersion Loss


Half-Wave Voltage




Product Details

DKDP electro-optic Q-switches (Q-switch, Pockels Cells) are widely used in large-caliber, high-power, narrow-pulse (<10ns)laser systems due to their unique physical properties and excellent optical quality.

The DKDP crystal is a uniaxial crystal with excellent optical quality with an extinction ratio of >2000:1 (measured using a 632 nm He-Ne laser) with a wave front distortion of 98%. The DKDP electro-optic Q-switching capacitor is small (about 3-5pF), so the rise time is short (<0.5ns), and a narrow pulse width pulse laser can be output during Q-switching. Compared with the widely used electro-optic crystals on the market, DKDP crystals have higher damage thresholds; the damage threshold is >1GW/cm2 under optical conditions of 10 ns pulse width, 1064 nm wavelength and repetition frequency 10 Hz.


l  Wave front distortion: low capacitance

l  Short rise time: ~3Pf

l  High transmittance: >98%

l  High damage threshold: >1GW/cm²

l  No static birefringence, no photorefractive damage

l  Anti-reflective coated quartz window

l  Resistant to ambient temperature shock and excellent electro-optic performance