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Jinan Crystrong Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic leading enterprise with international advanced level in R & D and production of high-quality man-made crystal, laser device packaging, laser R & D, and laser equipment. Founded in 2012, Crystrong Photonics is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise, "Specialized and Creative" enterprise, vice chairman and co-founder unit of Shandong laser community. The company has dozens of patents, outstanding innovation capability, and has passed ISO9001 enterprise certification. At present, the company has 6 PhDs and 10 Masters staff, keeps in-depth and long-term cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, and other universities and scientific research institutes. It is one of the few photonics enterprises in China that can combine production, education, and research, have a complete technological chain in both upstream, middle-stream, and downstream of the industry.

Relying on the solid foundation in R & D, design, and advanced manufacturing, Crystal Photonics has been listed as a qualified military supplier for many years, supported a lot of major national projects, the products are widely used in the Shenguang Project, military aircraft, soldier’s combat equipment, and other fields. At present, Crystal Photonics has successfully cooperated with many military-industrial units. Besides, Crystal Photonics has also received wide acclaim from more than 100 customers in industries such as industrial manufacturing, disinfection, and sterilization, medical beauty, and lidar.

Profession comes from concentration; Crystal Photonics has been deeply engaged in the laser industry for nearly ten years. It has perfectly realized the growth and processing of more than ten kinds of laser crystals. The export volume of military-to-civilian crystals ranks among the top five in the world. The company is equipped with advanced testing instruments, and the qualified rate of the European military standard test has reached 100%. In recent years, Crystal Photonics has focused on cutting-edge market segments, and independently developed many laser-related patents. The related products fully implement the national development direction of old-to-new growth driver conversion. The related patents can also be transformed into civil products such as automobiles, laser medical beauty, and intelligent equipment, with a market scale of hundreds of billions.

Concentration creates the future; Crystrong Photonics firmly believes that we can stick to "ingenuity", strengthen "confidence", and insist on "persistence"; take "morality" as the cornerstone, consider "quality" as the core, and keep "grade" to make friends. The laser will change the future, and Crystrong Photonics look forward to become the laser industry standard maker.

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